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Model construction and empirical research of clothing emotional consumption from the sustainable perspective(PDF)


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Model construction and empirical research of clothing emotional consumption from the sustainable perspective
WEI ShansenLIANG Jianfang
(School of Apparel and Art Design, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China)
sustainable consumption emotional consumption purchasing behavior emotional stickiness clothing disposal behavior
TS 941.12
In view of the waste of old clothes in China, based on the perspective of sustainable consumption, the relationship between consumers’ emotional stickiness to clothing and consumers’ continuous wearingbehavior was explored. First of all, on the basis of related theoretical research, a variable indicator system of clothing emotional consumption stimulus was proposed, which includes 6 dimensions and 36 measurement indicators. Then, according to the S-O-R theory, a model of the relationship between emotional consumption stimulus variables, consumer emotional stickiness and consumer clothing continuous wearing behavior was constructed, and related hypotheses were put forward.On the basis, through empirical research methods, the significant positive effects of stimulus variables on emotional stickiness and emotional stickiness on consumers’ clothing continuous wearing behavior were verified. Finally, the suggestions and countermeasures for developing emotional consumption were put forward. It is suggested that consumers should pay attention to the cultivation of unique clothing aesthetics, fashion awareness and brand concept, and adopt the combination of online and offline shopping.


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