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A robust beamforming algorithm based on steering vector mismatch(PDF)


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A robust beamforming algorithm based on steering vector mismatch
(School of Electronics and Information, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China)
beamforming diagonal loading support vector machine particle swarm optimization robustness
TN 911.72
A robust beamforming algorithm of particle swarm support vector machine is proposed, which can effectively overcome the influence of steering vector mismatch caused by non-ideal factors such as the array element position disturbance and the arrival angle error. The algorithm,with the principle of minimizing the structural risk of the SVM, combines with the traditional DL beamforming algorithm. By selecting the appropriate loss function and penalty parameters, the PSO algorithm is finally used to solve the standard support vector regression beamforming optimization model. When the positional disturbance deviation of the array elements is 0.02λ and 0.20λ, and the DOA estimation error is 2°,the simulation results show that the robust beamforming algorithm based on PSO-SVM has ideal beam pointing and lower sidelobe level.


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