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Preparation of insoluble humic acid and optimization of Cr(VI)adsorption conditions(PDF)


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Preparation of insoluble humic acid and optimization of Cr(VI)adsorption conditions
LIAO Zi1 GUO Yani1 XU Wenjing2 HUI Fan2
(1.School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048, China; 2.Shaanxi Modern Architectural Design Research Institute, Xi’an 710048,China)
weathered coal humic acid high temperature calcilication adsorbent Cr(VI)
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In order to explore the possibility of using humic acid(HA)extracted from weathered coal into insoluble humic acid(IHA)in the treatment of heavy metal wastewater, and obtain the best operating conditions for the treatment of Cr(VI)-containing wastewater,HA extracted from weathered coal was used to prepare IHA by high-temperature calcification method, the adsorption parameters were measured, and the optimal operating conditions for the adsorption of Cr(VI)were optimized. The results show that the best preparation conditions of IHA were as follows:high temperature time is 90 min, CaCl2 solution concentration is 2 mol/L, CaCl2 solution soaking time is 120 min, washing NaNO3 concentration is 1 mol/L; after BET analysis IHA,its specific surface area increasesed, the pore volume increased, and adsorption capacity is obviously enhanced; the results of Cr(VI)adsorption experiments show that the modified IHA has better performance and stronger applicability, under the operating conditions of room temperature, pH=5, adsorption time is 2 h and stirring speed is 40 r/min, IHA dosage is appropriated the removal rate of Cr(VI)can reach 99%.


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