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The value creation model of fast fashion brand in omni-channel environment(PDF)


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The value creation model of fast fashion brand in omni-channel environment
SHAO Peng LIU Xiaopei LYU Shuping
(School of Management, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an 710048,China)
fast fashion omni-channel value creation operational model
TS 941.8;F 724.6
In view of the channel conflict in the process of channel intergration,the conduct research on the omni-channel model of representation enterprises was conducted. Based on case studies and questionnaire survey methods, the fast-fashion brands’ value creation model was analyzed from the strategic model, operation model and profit model. The study found that the channel strategy layout of fast fashion brands is different, the perceived risk of online channel shopping still exists, and there is an inconsistency between online and offline prices and inventory information in terms ofomni-channel integration; cross-border cooperation and joint products make the product more unique. The combination of technology experience and localization promotion strategy can better serve consumer needs; “ordering online, pickup in-store” and “preferential drainage, up-sales” model effectively utilizes the externality of offline and online channels,which can better take the advantages of omni-channels.


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